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We Are Ivy Behavioral Group

IBG delivers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services throughout Florida’s Treasure Coast and Northern Colorado. We were founded with one goal in mind: To revitalize and uphold the integrity of ABA services so we can provide genuine life-changing results that are expected of ABA services.

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The Ivy Behavioral Group Way

What To Expect From Our Services

IBG is passionate about delivering meaningful and truly effective services. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, as we know each client has unique personalities, wants, and needs. We rely heavily on client and caregiver input, while using nationally recognized assessment tools and scientifically-supported practices in the following ways:

1 | Personalized Treatment

That Comes To You

We deliver services where it’s needed most. This may include the home, community, social settings, classrooms and/or vocational locations. We come to the real environments, so real-life change can happen!

➤ And Fits Your Lifestyle

Consultation | Weekly Appointments | Daily Services

Our services can range from simple consultations with a BCBA, to more intensive daily services with a team of ABA professionals. Simply share your current needs and ultimate goals and we’ll build an individualized treatment plan to safely and effectively reach your goals, using a schedule that fits into your unique lifestyle.

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2 | Dependable & Quality Support

Dependable Support➟ Consistent Services➟ Reliable Results

We do not hire any ABA professional who simply wants a job. Rather, we hire providers who are clearly passionate and invested in their profession. When receiving services from IBG, you can expect your provider to dig deeper and go the extra mile to provide dependable services that consistently meet your needs.

2 | Dependable Support

IBG is dedicated to providing dependable and thorough ABA services to each and every client.  Our providers will collaborate with your team of medical and therapeutic professionals, as well as other qualified ABA professionals, to deliver comprehensive services that consistently meets your goals.

Additionally, we ensure our providers maintain practical workloads so they can put their time into what matters most; providing consistent and reliable face-to-face support.

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3 | Clear Communication

It is not uncommon to feel confused or overwhelmed when beginning any therapeutic service. We understand these challenges and recognize that thorough, transparent communication is necessary to feel 100% confident with the services you receive. We make sure our caregivers are comfortable requesting any level of support and are satisfied with the answers we provide, for any concern; big or small.

In Home ABA Services with children

Payment & Funding Options

Did You Know?

Some Health Plans are now covering ABA services for individuals with diagnoses other than Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Contact us so we can help you navigate your Health Plan’s ABA benefit.

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Want to know what it will take to make positive changes through our ABA services? Or, are you ready to hit the ground running with a strong ABA team?

> Call the number for your location at the bottom of this page to personally speak with Emily, or the local Clinical Director, about anything and everything you may need! We genuinely care about getting to know you and your unique situation, so starting ABA with IBG can be a comforting and exciting experience!

> Or, complete the Request Services form below. We will promptly review the information, check provider availability and fit, obtain insurance benefit information if applicable, then call you to discuss options and learn more about how we can best help you and your loved ones!

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Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to make a positive change in you and your loved one’s lives?  Complete our service application so we can support you in taking the next step of your ABA journey!

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Work With Ivy Behavioral Group

IBG is building a team of passionate professionals who are driven to become the best ABA provider they can be! We encourage and model a culture that inspires professional growth and healthy work-life balance!

Learn more about working for Ivy Behavioral Group, view our current career opportunities, and apply when you’re ready!

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