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Community ABA Services

Why Work With IBG?

IBG goes the extra mile so working with us is a satisfying and enlightening experience. The quality of our services is only as strong as the quality of our providers. The respect and value we have for our staff is evidenced through our transparent communication, enthusiastic teamwork, thorough support and well-organized practices.

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all applicants and employees. IBG does not discriminate against employees or applicants including, but not limited to: race; color; religion; genetic disposition; national origin; sex; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions; age; disability; citizenship status; uniform service member status; or any other protected class under federal, state, or local law.

Currently, and as we grow, we strive to employ diverse & inclusive practices throughout our company to ensure thorough representation and support across our diverse staff, clients, and community. We will continue to invest in new & improved ways to maintain these objectives by using our current 3rd party affiliation services (i.e.: BHCOE) and other progressive services to help us grow & expand our practices to fit with diverse personal & societal needs. A happy & healthy work life = A happy & healthy personal life!

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Provider Satisfaction

IBG is not only committed to increasing our client’s quality of life, but the quality of work-life for our staff.

We support our staff’s ambitions, needs and overall work-life happiness, and continuously progress our practices to uphold these virtues.

We believe a focus on quality over quantity of services decreases staff burnout, and supports our providers in achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Inspiring Work Culture

Working with IBG will be more than just a job.  We are driven to uphold a work environment that values, enlightens and challenges us to be the best we can be.

We use unique approaches to better understand our providers’ talents, interests and aspirations, so we can build upon their desires, and help advance their professional careers and reach of impact on our society.

In addition, we strive to enrich our provider’s daily work life by providing the foundation they need to achieve meaningful and consistent client success. As a result, they can enjoy rewarding career and an increased sense of passion and commitment to the services they deliver.

Organized Practices

IBG puts extensive effort into developing well-organized processes to reduce the time our providers spend on tedious paperwork, re-inventing the wheel, and other non-billable responsibilities.

 Assessments, behavior plans, data collection, therapy resources, and all other service delivery processes are developed in an organized, user friendly way for our providers to use, and customize as they wish, for their client caseloads!

Current Openings

If you believe you are passionate about our mission, ready to work with a company that values individual growth, and are ambitious to become the best provider you can be, please contact us about how you can fit into our team.  You may also submit an application for the job position below that best fits your qualifications and interests.

Learn More About Employment Options With IBG

1 | Behavior Technician


Working as a behavior technician means you will provide direct ABA services to clients under the supervision of a Board Certified ABA provider.  Your primary duty will be to follow client-specific Behavior Intervention Plans that outline how to effectively increase client skills and decrease problem […]

2 | Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)


If you have completed all requirements to receive your RBT credential through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), then you can start working with IBG as an RBT. A behavior technician who has obtained their RBT credential means that they have demonstrated competency in learning and […]

3 | Student Behavior Technician


A Student Behavior Technician (SBT) works as a behavior technician, and is actively enrolled in a Board-Verified Bachelors or Masters Degree, or other course sequence, to obtain a BCaBA or BCBA credential. Verified coursework can be found here.

IBG will thoroughly prepare and support SBTs’ proficiency […]

4 | BCaBA


Working with IBG as a BCaBA means you will conduct assessments, develop intervention plans, collaborate with support systems and train all key persons interacting with your clients with continuous support from a qualified BCBA supervisor.  IBG will ensure a BCBA supervisor is available to meet the […]

5 | BCBA


Working with IBG as a BCBA means you will build a caseload of clients that fit your competency and availability. You will conduct assessments, develop behavior intervention plans, manage plan implementation, train behavior technicians and support teams, and have the option to supervise RBT’s and BCaBA’s […]

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