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What We Do

We collaborate with our clients’ support teams to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), which guides the proper use of safe and effective strategies to reduce problematic behaviors and teach necessary skills for success.   Our services are commonly provided in the following ways:

In Home ABA Services

In-Home/On-site Services

Your ABA professionals will come to your location to determine the most effective ways to reduce challenging behavior and teach critical daily functioning skills to promote clients’ success and satisfaction in their daily lives.

Note: Home-based services may, at times, be personal and intimate.  This setting allows for considerable progress however, it can also present personal challenges that may negatively impact the effectiveness of services.  As a result, IBG uses highly structures standards of treatment for in-home services to maintain the focus on efficient client progress. 

Community ABA Services

Community Based Services

We can provide services at vocational job sites, extracurricular activities, medical appointments, play dates, routine community activities (e.g.: parks, grocery shopping, running errands, haircuts), and more!

Services in these settings help our clients’ support teams learn effective ways to address problem behaviors during high stress situations, instead of “giving in” and “doing whatever it takes” to stop unwanted behaviors.  In addition, clients benefit from practicing social communication, accepting change, and following basic social norms so routine daily outings can be enjoyable and stress-free!

In Home ABA Services with two children

Educational Services 

Our Board Certified providers can attend Individual Education Plan (IEP) or other school-related meetings to assist with identifying behavioral goals and strategies to help increase clients’ success in the school setting.

In addition, our providers can provide direct ABA services within clients’ classroom to teach appropriate student behaviors and support teachers in properly using behavior change strategies.

Note: One-on-one ABA services within classrooms must  first be approved by the school’s administrator and any funding source covering ABA services. 

How We Provide ABA Services

We deliver services in an incremental and graduated way to promote steady progress towards the ultimate goal of “graduating” from services.   ABA therapy is regarded as a temporary service; where providers empower their clients’ support teams to continue successful service outcomes, without the need of ongoing professional support.  The information below explains how we provide ABA services to our clients and support teams that are focused on restoring the autonomy and normalcy they deserve in their daily lives:

Starting Services

Your Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will work with you to understand the challenges and deficits currently impacting your and the client’s life.  Through interviews, assessments and observations, your BCBA will learn the specific reasons behind these challenges, and use this information to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that outlines individualized ways to safely and successfully reduce problematic behaviors and increase skill deficits.

Your BCBA will recommend service delivery hours that will best achieve your long term goals.  For your clarity, the recommendations will outline how services will gradually decrease until the ultimate goal of “graduating” from services is achieved.

You and your BCBA will review the BIP and service recommendations to ensure it is comprehensive and practical, and that all questions and concerns are addressed, before officially starting services.

Receiving Services

1 | Creating Daily “Lesson Plans”   

Your ABA provider(s) will align teaching plans and routines to your schedule.   In addition, they will contrive opportunities to teach goals that were unable to be addressed naturally during session.  We focus on preventing long-term dependency on our services, so life may get back to normal as soon as possible!

2 | Building Your Skills

Your ABA provider(s) will guide and support you to successfully follow BIP strategies throughout each session.  At times, they may “step-in” and model strategies while you observe, ask questions, and take notes.

3 | Ending Sessions

During the last 15 minutes, you and your provider(s) will have follow up discussions to review questions, concerns, and progresses, so you have the confidence and clarity you need at the end of each session!

Fading Services

Your BCBA will meet with you once per month to review progress, data, notes, questions, and treatment modification plans.  During these meetings, you will see that Long Term Goals are being met, and you’re gaining confidence with managing behaviors.  At this time, a fading plan will be developed that is customized to your needs and circumstances.

Our focus during the fading plan process is placed on practicality and effectiveness;  we teach you to successfully and confidently use ABA strategies  during, and outside of sessions, so you can maintain a productive and fulfilled lifestyle without our permanent presence!

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