Emily was born in Marion, Indiana and moved to Stuart, Florida when she was 13 years old. Emily received her Master’s degree in Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida State University in 2012; a leading ABA program ranked #1 in the world for Board Exam pass rates. She has worked in the field of ABA since 2009, and has practiced as a BCBA across the Treasure Coast area since 2012, gaining experience across a wide variety of settings.

Emily’s passion for the science of Behavior Analysis and the vast reach it may have on society has always driven her to continuously improve upon her practice, and learn of new ways ABA can be used to benefit our lives and the world around us.

With her experience, endless drive, and a well-established professional network, she started Ivy Behavioral Group to provide clients with the high-quality services they deserve, and to have the tools necessary to pursue passions of progressing ABA services into new markets and to others untouched by the amazing benefits this profession can deliver.