Working as a behavior technician means you will provide direct ABA services to clients under the supervision of a Board Certified ABA provider.  Your primary duty will be to follow client-specific Behavior Intervention Plans that outline how to effectively increase client skills and decrease problem behaviors.  As a behavior technician, you will have the unique opportunity to fully understand the client and support system’s needs due to your daily contact with the client, having unique insight and information for your supervising Analyst.  This helps guide more effective and thorough service delivery.  Behavior technicians have the rewarding job of being the “front line” professional who delivers impactful interventions, resulting in meaningful change in your clients’ and their support systems’ lives.

IBG prioritizes fully supporting behavior technicians through the hiring, on-boarding & training process before working with their first client.  Being informed, supported and confident will produce happier day-to-day work life and as a result, more successful & effective services for your clients.


Minimum Requirements:

  • High School Diploma
  • 18 years of age
  • Resume showing all employment, volunteer &/or personal experiences in direct care or support of individuals with diagnoses or disabilities of any type.
  • At least two non-relative references who can verify your experiences related to
    developmental, mental health, and/or human services.
  • Access to technology for e-mail, use of our software system for billing and
    clinical notes, etc. This can be a phone, computer, desktop, tablet, etc. Any
    form of technology that allows you to use internet services.