A Student Behavior Technician (SBT) works as a behavior technician, and is actively enrolled in a Board-Verified Bachelors or Masters Degree, or other course sequence, to obtain a BCaBA or BCBA credential. Verified coursework can be found here.

IBG will thoroughly prepare and support SBTs’ proficiency in conceptualizing ABA practices, training others, completing Analyst-type duties, and passing the Board Exam upon graduation.  We will also provide supervised practice opportunities to effectively manage client caseloads, in preparation for becoming a confident BCaBA or BCBA.

More specifically, SBT’s will have the opportunity to practice conducting assessments, developing BIP’s, analyzing data, using data to guide decision making, modifying BIP’s, and training behavior technicians and support systems/caregivers, all while being supported by a qualified BCBA supervisory.  SBT’s will simultaneously practice the material learned in class with their clients, to ensure immediate understanding and mastery of both learned and applied ABA practices.  By the time SBT’s complete their coursework and pass the Board Exam, they will be fully confident and ready to work with clients as a Board Certified ABA provider!

Learn more about obtaining a BCaBA or BCBA credential.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Proof of active enrollment in a BACB Verified Course Sequence/Degree to pursue a BCaBA or BCBA credential.
  • 18 years of age
  • Resume showing all employment, volunteer &/or personal experiences in direct care or support of individuals with diagnoses or disabilities of any type.
  • At least 2 non-relative references who can verify your experiences related to developmental, mental health, and/or human services.
  • Access to technology for e-mail, use of our software system for billing and clinical notes, etc. This can be a phone, computer, desktop, tablet, etc.  Any form of technology that allows you to use internet services.